As Historian for the Vermilyea Family, I am always searching for information on family members that for lack of parent’s names can’t be added to our family tree. I have been unable to make a positive identification on the Vermilya/e/ea/er/Vermillera families listed below. Most were born in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s. In a few cases I have a good idea who the parents are, but lack proof. I have many pages of research on all of these families; most have been in my files for several years. If you have any information, even a clue — please contact me with your findings.
Some of these persons show up on records with numerous surname spellings.
Your help would be appreciated.

1. Albert Vermilia, (Several spellings found, Parents George and Maria Vermilia) born December 14, 1825 at Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, married Mary Salter who was born January __, 1831 in Washington County, New York. He died April 24, 1906, she died ______________. Her will dated September 1925. They lived at Glens Falls, Warren County, New York. He was butcher. Children: Albert and Emma.

2. Catherine Vermilyea, (William and Julia) born May _, 1837 or 1840 at Ontario, Canada, married April 2, 1865 in Hastings County, Ontario, Canada James H., son of William and Rosy (______________) Cunningham who was born December __, 1843 at Brighton, Canada, died in 1922 in Michigan. She died in 1911 at Midland, Michigan. They are buried Miidland Cemetery, Midland, Michigan. Children: William Henry, Finley H., James O., David B. and Amanda E. It is not known if there are living descendants.

3. George W. Vermilyea, (Parents Unknown) born about 1830 in New York, married Rachel/Rosina Anspuke who was born about 1834 in New York, died September 17, 1883 at Manhattan, New York He died ____________. Children: Ann/Anna, George, John and Robert. It is not know if there are living descendants.

4. Isaac Vermillia, (Parents Unknown) born 17__, married ______________. Muster Rolls of Discharged Officers and Disbanded Soldiers (Jan 1903) and Loyalists taken in the County of Annapolis in June 1784. Isaac Vermillia, Persons in household: 1 man, 1 woman, 2 children under 10; 1 chlld over age 10. Total in household 5. Discription — DO (discharged officer). Settled in Digby. The accompanying document states that the larger number of these people came from the Provinces of New York and New Jersey. Those settling in the town of Digby, and all of the County, except the French township of Clare, were almost entirely founded by the Loyalists. No further information has been found.

5. James Vermilyea, (Parents Unknown) born early 1800’s in New Jersey, married Caroline Crane who was born about 1821 in New Jersey. He could have died or left family about 1848-1849. Children: Robert, born about 1840 in New Jersey, not located after 1850 and Oscar who was born about 1850, married Elizabeth Reese. Dr. and Mrs. Vermilyea are buried Hollywood Cemetery, Harrington, Delaware.

6. Millison/Amelia Vermilya, (Parents Unknown) born about January 6, 1793 (calculated from death record) in New York, married about 1815 (listed as about 1813 in Delaware County, New York in IGI, Source Code #1) Abel, son of Sheba and Catherine (Smith) Darrin who was born about 1791 (listed May 3, 1791 at Claverak, Columbia County, New York in IGI, Source Code #1) in Massachusetts, died after 1860 in Ohio. She died September 26, 1851 in Logan County, Ohio, buried in the Armstrong Cemetery, Miami Township, Ohio. Children: Joseph Erasmus; Latin; Caroline, married Eli Cannon; Abel, Jr.; Daughter, name unknown; Elvira, married Alvah Stiles.

7. Peter Vermilyea, (Parents Unknown) born between 1780 and 1790, married Margaret Schenck who was born about 1787 in New York, died sometime after 1860. He died between 1840 and 1850. They lived at Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York. They had seven children ——- Sarah Maria, who died as infant, Richard Jewell, Isaac Sebring, Sarah, Maria Schenck, Jane Elinor and Ralph Schenck. It is not know if there are living descendants.

8. Philip Vermily, (Vermillera, Parents Unknown, Correct Spelling???) born about 1815 in Connecticut or New York, married November 23, 1837 at Richmond, Virginia Martha Christian who was born about 1816 in Virginia. They lived at Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia. He was a blacksmith. Philip and Martha were the parents of six children —Charles E., Philip J., Orleana, Emmietta, John A. and Arthur C. No death records found, but he does not appear on census records after 1860. There are living descendants, spelling surname Vermillera. She died March 2, 1885 at Richmond, Virginia. Source: Register of Deaths Richmond, Virgina, year ending December 31, 1885.

9. Robert Vermilye, (Parents Unknown) and (Sarah Maginnis or McGinnis) Vermilye who around 1811 were living in London, England, the owners of the Par (or Pear) Tree, a public house located near the docks on the Thames in the east-end of London. They were married in 1810 at Shadwell, St. Paul Parrish, London, England. It is not know if they had children.

10. Sarah Ann Vermilyea, (Parents Unknown) born February 11, 1816 in New York, married May 12, 1834 at ________________ John Samuel, son of Jonathan and Hannah (Lane) Lane who was born January 15, 1808 at Bedford, Massachusetts, died July 21, 1856, probably at New York, New York. She died August 24, 1898, probably at New York, New York. Children: Hannah, George F., Eliza A., Ebenezar H. and Oliver. It is not known if there are living descendants.

11. William E. Vermilyea, (Parents Unknown) born about 1818 in New York, married Amelia _________ who was born about 1830 in New York State, died _____________. They lived at New York City, New York. He was a butcher. They had three children, Oliver M., twin Jane, died infant and Mary. It is not known if there are living descendants.

12. William Vermilyea, (Parents Unknown) born 1822 in New York. Married??? Served in the 5th Infantry (Duryee’s Zouaves). Listed as follows: William Vermilyea, born New York, Enlisted April 25, 1861, age 39, Private, Company B. 5 8; blue eyes, dark brown hair, dark complexion; a carman and “horse doctor”. Detailed as teamster with Quartermaster Department June 24, 1861; transferred to Company F and detailed as wagoner January 1, 1862; sick at General Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, March 30, 1862; discharged for chronic laryngitis, not incident to service, at Baltimore, May 15, 1862. Apparently he fell ill during the 5th New York’s tenure at Fort Federal Hill in Baltimore, and did not accompany the unit to the Virginia Peninsula. William would have been mustered in at NY City; the regiment was recruited there, and trained at Fort Schuyler, on Throg’s Neck. A William Vermilya is listed in the 1864 Baltimore City Directory as veterinary surgeon, but not located after that. Not found in Pension records.

13. William Vermillea, (Parents Unknown) born about 1820 in New York, married probably second Christina ________________ who was born about 1832 in Scotland. He could have also been married to Rebecca _______. He lived at Essex, New Jersey and Cornwell, Orange County, New York, last located in 1870, age 50 living in a boarding house in New York City, District 1. He was a shoemaker by trade. He was the parent of at least five children ——- Henryetta, William B., Hannah, Anna and John. It is not know if there are living descendants.


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