Vermilyea Genealogy

(Vermilya, Vermilye, Vermilyea, Vermilyer)
by Sandra Vermilyea Todd

In 1998 I published the first Vermilyea genealogy book, since then several updates have been published. New information continues to be added, however many persons are still unaccounted for. I would appreciate any additional information to add to this genealogy. No one recorded in the first seven generations is still living, but in a couple cases descendants were listed that are, these names and their information has been blocked (XXXXXXXX).
To use this file Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or newer must be installed on your computer.
Bookmarks have been created to the first page of each generation and to each person who has pictures or documents linked.
Use the Reader search feature to locate names in the file.
*Indicates this person has descendants and continues to the next generation.
Blank pages have been inserted to maintain proper printing order of pages.
Some of the most frequently used Sources are:
Source Code #9: Westchester Patriarchs, A Genealogical Dictionary of Westchester County, New York, Families Prior to 1775, by Norman Davis, Heritage Books, Inc., 1988.
Source Code #10: Riker’s Revised History of Harlem (city of New York) Its Origin and Early Annals, by James Riker, New Harlem Publishing Co., New York 1904.
Source Code #62: The New Harlem Register, A genealogy of the descendants of the twenty three original Patentee of the Town of New Harlem, containing proofs of birth, baptisms and marriages from the year 1630 to date, by Henry Pennington Toler, New York, New Harlem Publishing Company, 1903.
The Vermilyea Book File now contains 1133 pages, plus many new links to pictures and documents. A very large file. Since this may cause slow download and navigation, the links below will allow you to get all the pages in five parts – Five smaller files.

History of the Vermilya, Vermilye, Vermilyea, Vermilyer Family and Siblings of Johannes Vermelje
(Written by Carl P. Vermilyea for the original Vermilyea Genealogy publication)

Generations 1-4 which includes the coverpage UPDATED July 1, 2011

Generation 5 UPDATED July 1, 2011

Generation 6 UPDATED July 5, 2011

Generation 7 UPDATED July 7, 2011

Generation 8 UPDATED July 10, 2011

Vermilyea Family Book Picture Album
(UPDATED July  17, 2011)

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