2004 Reunions


All one big happy family thanks to the talents of Wilma Vermilyer who skillfully combined the two groups, removed duplicates and added some of those attending that missed the picture taking — Thanks Wilma.

2004 Vermilyea Family Reunion
Bill Stanton Park
Chapel Road
Madison , Ohio
July 31, 2004

On Friday night fifty-eight people gathered at The Old Tavern in Unionville, Ohio for a delightful pre reunion meal. Many enjoyed a tour of the historic tavern, which dates back to 1798, first a Stage Coach stop, then a station on the Underground Railway; The Old Tavern has continually served meals to the present time. We especially enjoyed entering the tunnel of the Underground Railroad.
On Saturday 122 adults and children attended the Reunion at the Bill Stanton Community Park in Madison , the largest attendance for our Reunions so far. Eighteen States were represented.
Family members were greeted and the “2004 Family Reunion” T-shirts were distributed. Display tables for pictures and other memorabilia where setup for the enjoyment of all. A large array of raffle items; many handcrafted special for the event were displayed. At 1p.m. a delicious buffet meal was served. A variety of dishes including desserts and drinks prepared by the Vermilye family were enjoyed by all. After the meal, introductions were made and the raffle was held. Jim and Wilma Vermilyer presented a beautiful candleholder handcrafted by their son Dan to John and Sandra Todd in recognition of their efforts in promoting our Family Genealogy. Following the presentation and raffle the family assembled outside for the group picture. Since there was such a large number attending, it was decided that two group pictures would be taken in order to include everyone. After the pictures were taken some family members assembled for a family history talk, others went out to enjoy the pool and other amenities of the park. Later in the afternoon we were treated to the cutting of the “Family Reunion Cake”. The beautiful chocolate and red velvet cake adorned with the “Family Tree logo” and decorated with festive colored flowers was made by Barb Vermilye. The evening meal included hot dogs, hamburgers and salads as well as desserts and drinks.
After a full day of activities, visiting, picture taking and of course delicious food, family members returned home, or to their lodgings to visit some more. Several of us took in the glorious sunset in the park as the sun slipped down into Lake Erie in a lovely rosy glow.
On Sunday morning good byes were said at the Lakeside cabin in the Park where several of the families stayed, at the motel in Madison , breakfast was enjoyed before departing.
As in the past, meeting new family members and once again visiting with those we met at previous reunions was a thrill. For many this was the sixth time we have been able to enjoy each other’s company at a Reunion , and of course we are all looking forward to many more.
Many THANKS to Darla Young and the Vermilye families who made the 2004 Reunion such a memorable occasion for all of us.


AUGUST 28, 2004

Thirty-five members of the Vermilyer Family gathered at the First Baptist Church Hargrave Fellowship Center, at LaPorte, Indiana on Sunday afternoon, August 29th.
A delicious meal was served followed by an afternoon full of activities, which included taking a group picture.
Officers were elected; Lewis Vermilyer will be President for the 2005 Reunion, the 50th Annual! Lewis and his mother were the organizers of the first Vermilyer Family Reunion held back in 1955.
Awards were given to the youngest, oldest and the one traveling the farthest as well as numerous other door awards. An auction was held and bingo was played. Everyone enjoyed getting together with family and look forward to celebrating the 50th Reunion next year.

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