2002 Reunions


June 8, 2002
Dexter, Minnesota
Excerpts from write up by Ken Schottler

The day started out a bit cloudy and threatening, it rained on us while we were driving to Dexter, but it cleared and by noon we had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy. It was a smaller group than last year, but there were some that weren’t in attendance last year so we were able to meet them. Everett said that music had always been a part of Vermilyea family reunions and he played his father’s violin that had been purchased new a century ago. Some selections were melodies and others were songs we were able to sing along with.
The reunion was held at the Park in Dexter, MN on Saturday June 8, 2002. There was a book for everyone to sign in and during the reunion the names of the youngest person, the oldest, and the one that came farthest and the one living closest was announced. Family history books made by Beverly Jonnes with family relationships in them were handed out. We will never be able to repay her for all her work. Everyone brought food and many brought old photo albums or other family keepsakes. I (Ken) brought a book of photos that had been taken of the buildings in Dexter around the turn of the last century and his Grandfather’s eyeglass testing and fitting set from his years as the Doctor in Dexter. After the reunion was over, we drove a few blocks further down the road to the Dexter cemetery where we located some family graves and photographed them. We were never able to get everyone together for a big group picture, but pictures were taken of everyone there.

Vermilyer Family Reunion
August 25, 2002
Hargrove Fellowship Center, LaPorte, Indiana
By Sandra Vermilyea Todd

The Vermilyer family gathered for their 47th Annual Reunion at LaPorte, Indiana, August 25, 2002. Thirty-two family members and guests met at the First Baptist Church, Hargrove Fellowship Center in LaPorte Sunday afternoon to share a delicious meal, fellowship and entertainment. John and Sandra Vermilyea Todd were introduced as special guests.
A business meeting was held and officers were elected. Minutes from the last meeting were read. It was decided to hold the 2003 Reunion at the same location next year. Births, deaths, pending marriages and illnesses were noted. Awards were given to the oldest and youngest and the persons traveling the farthest. Door awards were given and prizes to the guessing game winners, a auction was held of items brought by family members.
Everyone enjoyed visiting and picture taking. A group picture was taken.

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