1907 Reunion

Columbus, Pennsylvania

August 28, 1907
Columbus, Pennsylvania

Copy of this newspaper article was located in the Vermilya scrapbook at the Corry Historical Society. It is most likely from the Corry Evening Journal, and is dated August 28, 1907
Thanks to Tracy Johnson

The Vermilya Family Reunion

The 6th annual reunion of the Vermilya family was held at Columbus Park, Columbus, Pa., Aug. 28, 1907. Attendance, amusements and interest shown by those present were never greater in years past. Those from a distance were: Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Roosa, Portland, N. Y., Mr. and Mrs. John B. Vermilya, Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. Lillian A. Gregg and daughter, Blanche J., Savannah, Ohio; Mr. John W. Vermilya, Elkins, W. Va., Dr. Chas. H. Vermilya, Russell, Pa., Mrs. Maggie B. (Paige) Warner and daughter, Francis Paige, Union City, Pa., Mr. And Mrs. John V. Benson, Silver Creek, Neb.
Many letters from absent ones were received with interest.
Births: — Doris Valentine Cooley, Feb. 14, 1907; Margurite Elizabeth Nantes, Nov. 21, 1906; Arthur Lee Brooks, June 17, 1907; John Allen Vermilya, Aug. 22, 1907; Mable Marvilla Howard, Aug. 10, 1907.
Deaths: — Mary Vermilya Chase, July 9, 1906, age 80 years, Columbus, Warrnen Co., Pa., Frank G. Paige, Mar. 27, 1906, Union City, Pa., Mr. Henry Benson, July, 1906, age 63, Wildwood Mich., Emma Mary Baker, 1907, age 23 years, Dayton, Ohio; Ada L. Gimmin, 1907, age 42 years, Dayton, Ohio.
Marriages: — Maggie Bell (Vermilyea) Paige and Frank Warner, March 5, 1907, Jamestown , N. Y., address Union City, Erie Co., Pa., Fred Howard and Clara E. Handkin, Oct. 14, 1906, Niobe, N. Y., address Spring Creek, Warren Co., Pa.
It is regretted deeply more interest is not shown by members in the way of reporting births, deaths and marriages.
Officers for the year 1907-08: President, John W. Vermilya; Vice President, J. D. Anderson, 729 Troy street, Dayton, Ohio; Secretary, W. H. Nantes, Spring Creek, Warren Co., Pa., Treasurer, Geo. H. Mead, Spring Creek, Pa., Trustees, Arthur Sears, S. N. Howard, W. E. Cady.
Committees: Arrangements, Howard Benson; Entertainments, Mrs. Ira Pierce and Mrs. Maggie Warner; Reception, W. E. Cady and Mrs. Marilla Howard.
It is the request of the Secretary and members assembled that those who have received information blanks and have not filled same in the interest of Register they would kindly do so at an early date and return to Secretary. The Secretary will furnish blanks to those having lost or received none on application.
The next meeting will be held the last Wednesday in Aug. 1908 at Columbus Park.
A full course dinner was served on the grounds, boating, fishing and swinging were the principle amusements for the younger members, the older people conversed of days gone by. All members were photographed in a group. These photos will be furnished for 40 cents each, cost of picture and postage.
The day was beautiful in the extreme and as the evening shades of night commenced to hover over the wooded side-hills all returned to their homes, a little tired but with beaming faces and satisfied and glad they were one of the great number.

W. H. Nantes, Sec.
Spring Creek, Pa.

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