1905 Reunion


August 30, 1905
Columbus, Pennsylvania
Newspaper clipping form unknown newspaper
(Note: Last reunion name was spelled Vermilye, this year Vermilya)

The 4th annual Vermilya reunion was held at Columbus Park Association grounds, Columbus, Aug. 30, 1905. Vice President John B. Vermilya presiding.
The attendance was smaller than at the previous reunion, 1904. The following attending from a distance: — J. D. Anderson, Dayton, Ohio; Rachel Russell and Edith Loeb, Dunkirk, N.Y.; John B. Vermilya, Cleveland, Ohio. Many letters received from absent ones were read, all of which expressed the writer’s regrets for their inability to attend and their wishes to those in attendance for a pleasant outing; several promising to attend the meeting in 1906. The photographs received by the secretary during the past year were exhibited and proved one of the greatest attractions and interests. A vote of thanks was extended to the donors.
Births: Ruth Vermilya Cooley, Nov. 14, 1904; Mary Evangeline Nantes, Feb. 3, 1905; Blanche Irene Gregg, April 14, 1905; Son to Mr. and Mrs. Orrin J. Dodge, Feb. 1, 1904; Daughter to Mr. And Mrs. Charles E. Orley; Son the Mr. And Mrs. Clifford E. Vermilya; Russell Allen Goen, 1904; Grace H. Blue, Feb 13, 1904.
Deaths: William Wentworth Cady, Corry, Pa., July 10, 1905, age 10 years; Avery Vermilya, Dexter, Minn., July 15, 1904, age 84 years; Solomon Vermilya, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Mar. 11, 1905, age 67 years; Georgiana Sweetser, Marion, Ind., Mar. 11, 1904, age 32 years; Infant child of Mr. And Mrs. Winfield S. Mead, Arkville, N.Y., June 3, 1904; Phebe B. Pfaffenburger, Brownstown, Ind., Mar., 1904, age 65 years; Elizabeth B. Walker, 1904, age 85 years.
Officers elected for the year 1905-06: President, John B. Vermilya, 1119 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, Ohio; Vice Pres., James D. Anderson, 729 Troy street, Dayton, Ohio; Sec., W. H. Nantes, Spring Creek, Pa., Treas., Geo. Mead, Spring Creek, Pa., R. F. D. No. 2; Trustees, Arthur Sears, S. N. Howard, W. E. Cady.
Committees: Arrangements, Howard Benson; Entertainment, Mrs. Ira Pearce, Mrs. Maggie Paige; Reception, W. E. Cady, Mrs. Marvilla Howard.
The Secretary’s report on progress of Vermilya Register shows the work yet incomplete owing to delay of a few distant members in filling papers and returning same. The descendants of Johnathan and Edward, sons of William Vermilya and wife Phebe Husted, showing the greatest percentage of unreturned papers.
The meeting adjourned to meet the last Wednesday in August 1906, at the home of Mrs. Emiline Howard, near Columbus, Warren Co., Pa. This lady is, according to data at hand, the oldest living person of Vermilya blood, a daughter of Jesse Vermilya, son of William Vermilya and wife, Phebe Husted. She was born Feb. 18, 1813.
The Phonograph selections were amusing and entertaining; the welcoming song sung by Mrs. W. H. Nantes and Misses Zuella and Jewell Cady was enthusiastically received.
Members present were photographed but proved a failure and there are none for distribution.
W. H. Nantes, Sec.,
Spring Creek, Pa.
P. S.
Per order of Pres. J. B. Vermilya the place of meeting has been changed to Columbus Park Association grounds, Columbus, Pa.,
W. H. Nantes, Sec.

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